At Sewster, we believe that to be able to adapt to a rapidly changing world, companies must prepare the people who will lead organisational change. We are here to get them ready.

Since 2014, we have been designing, not just for you, but with you, tailor-made support solutions to meet your company’s unique challenges.  Our team, with its broad diversity of backgrounds and expertise, and our high-quality collective of French and international expert consultant and coach partners, are committed to creating a bold and innovative vision of the future with you. Together, over weeks, months, even years, we will build viable and attractive changes that create value and increase performance in all areas.

We make a simple yet highly ambitious promise to everyone we support – we will turn them into leaders ready to explore and succeed in this new world.




Because daring is about questioning

We will always be there by your side daring to question you again and again, without ever dampening your spirits. Because it is this confrontation that will bring up the real challenges, those that we will reveal on together


Think before you act - act above all - always progress

Because plans are only worthwhile if acted upon quickly, we put all our energy into creating a range of possibilities and making these possibilities a reality. We focus on imagining, trying, deciding and moving forward


Head up in the clouds and feet firmly on the ground

Working with you today means understanding the world of tomorrow. So continually reading, listening, meeting and learning is our day-to-day life, so as to amalgamate all of our knowledge and journey with you even higher


Throughout your necessary TRANSFORMATION, responding to the environment and adapting to complexities and uncertainty, we will stand by you to reveal and renew your potential and choose the right way forward.

Your Self

Develop inter-relational skills in addition to your professional skills to strengthen your leadership and influence skills.
Assessment & Dev center
Coaching(s) & Sparring partnership

Your Team

Develop mutual improvement, flexibility and autonomy of your teams to increase their value outputs.
High strategic value team coaching
High performing team coaching
Immersive team experience

Your Organization

Rethink your company's organisational structure around a raison d’être that is inspiring for all employees and that adds value for your clients.
Immersive leadership program
Journey advisory
Strategy and narrative advisory
Talent advisory

User cases

Strengthening team cohesion

Created 3 years ago, Sommet Education is the international specialist in hospitality management education. Sewster is working together with them to develop the company's corporate culture and strengthen links within the executive committee and local teams.

Key roles

• Organisation of a renewed executive committee
• A largely experience-based leadership programme
• Regular collaboration on strategic projects

01 The origins of the project

Stéphane Rousseau, Chief People Officer, Sommet Education

“Sommet Education was created with the backing of a real HR project. This challenged us to consider our values, our corporate culture and how to share these effectively with all employees and an almost totally new executive committee; which needed a real boost in cohesion. I was looking for support, with people who I felt compatible with.”

 “One of our specific needs was to work with a very high-level consultant who was not French to facilitate the work with the international members of the executive committee. Sewster introduced us to Matthew Anderson, who was the perfect match for this need. We are in the teaching business, and Matthew, with his PhD research subject, as well as his extreme rigour, was a natural match.”

02 Several projects at the same time

 “We had a lot of work in front of us, with an HR project based on the company’s values and culture, linked to the implementation of internal leadership cohesion. This cohesion was important both on an executive committee level and in the management “front line” in our institutions.”

 “There was a brief very intensive phase that went very well. I felt Sewster had a rare listening capacity, as well as the ability to challenge us in a way that was always relevant. We very quickly moved into an extremely fluid partnership, working together closely.”

03 An experience-based leadership program

 “From the beginning, Sewster insisted that we work with Pegasus at the Lorient base. I wasn’t very keen on this, as I don’t think that the purpose of this type of programme should be to test my employees. However, I accepted the experience because I trusted them.”

 “I went along with our management teams in Lorient for this “special forces” team-building experience. They still talk to me about abseiling down the bunker. It wasn’t just the tasks themselves that we appreciated, it was above all the care taken in planning and ensuring that everyone achieved an objective. I was right to place my trust in them despite my initial reluctance!”

04 The partnership continues...

 “I really feel like we are partners. There is real trust, our profiles are complementary, and the Sewster team is always extremely reactive. We know that we can rely on them to manage complex situations.”

Transforming talent into future leaders

Together with Geodis, Sewster has designed an in-depth program to develop the company's future talent. An ongoing partnership that continues with the implementation of similar initiatives within the different teams.

Key roles

• A tailor-made program for the development of employees with high potential
• A program that is now being replicated within the teams
• An advisory role that continues on a day-to-day basis

01 The origins of the project

Nathalie Jost, Global Organisational & Talent Development Manager, Geodis Freight Forwarding

“When I joined Geodis, we felt it was necessary to set up a real programme to develop the skills of the company’s employees who had great future potential. Coming from the consulting world myself, I had already had the opportunity to collaborate with Benoit and Emmanuel from Sewster and to value their approach as much as their methods. So I naturally asked them to consider this project.”

02 Co-creating a programme

 “We wanted a programme that would have a real impact on the development of our future leaders. This led us to reflect on what we term someone with high potential, and to establish the precise development focuses that we wanted to work on – self-awareness, self-confidence, entrepreneurship, openness to the outside world and the ability to make good decisions in complex situations. I wanted to receive ideas, experience and a network from Sewster in order to design a truly collaborative program.”

 “This whole phase was carried out quite quickly, thanks to efficient iterative work. I particularly liked that at every meeting, Sewster tries to go a little bit further. In the end, we really had the feeling that we had co-constructed a 100% tailor-made program.”

03 Implementation of the program

 “The program was rolled out over four full weeks of work over a 24-month period. I was really satisfied with the quality of the speakers, as well as the organisation of the sessions. The subjects discussed were always in line with our challenges. Participants remained attentive throughout, despite long sessions. And many of them came to me after to tell me that it was the best programme they had ever taken part in.”

04 The partnership continues...

 “We felt that Sewster’s interest wasn’t just for show, that there was a desire for this to be a longer-term relationship. The most striking example is that Benoit always participates in discussions in the programme participants’ Whatsapp group. Sewster is also very proactive, and spontaneously feeds us with new ideas, which are always relevant because of their knowledge of our company!”

 “For me, one of the greatest successes of this programme is to see that participants are constantly handing down what they have learned in their teams, sometimes by replicating what was learned with Sewster’s support, and so carrying on contributing today to developing talent at all levels of the company.”

A partnership that goes from strength to strength

Sewster has been working with Cartier Joaillerie International’s management for several years. It is a partnership that is constantly renewed according to the company's needs.

Key roles

• An advisory role in the Management Committee
• Tailor-made projects in line with challenges
• A relationship based on trust and high standards

01 The origins of the partnership

Tanguy de Bernède, Director of Cartier Joaillerie International

“I knew Benoît Auger, with whom I had had the opportunity to work with regularly, well. I value his analytical skills, his working methods but also his sensitivity. We understand each other perfectly. It was therefore a natural next step to work together with Sewster, with a desire to rediscover the same qualities, but on a team scale.”

02 Diverse assignments

“Rather than launching a major structural change project, our partnership flourishes through the diverse assignments. We trust them to help us solve a number of challenges. In general, Sewster plays an advisory role to the manager and supports us in building team spirit in our management, while weighing in on more specific assignments.”

“For example, we called on them when recruiting new members to our management team; something which was a major challenge for us. It had to be done swiftly and successfully! This resulted in real coaching sessions on how to recruit successfully, based on standards already tried and tested by Sewster, while at the same time being completely tailored towards our needs.”

“I also reached out to them on very different matters, such as mediation methods in our communication with other departments. To return to a more general aspect of our partnership, the models we develop together within the executive committee are regularly reproduced within the teams, after having been adapted to the context.”

03 A long-term relationship

 “I can see the positives of our continued work together. The defining feature in my eyes are high expectations from both parties. Our discussions are direct and completely honest. We are always questioning ourselves, trying to push ourselves out of any ruts fallen into to ensure that we find the best solution. These expectations are essential qualities for me. They go without saying in the luxury business sector.”

“We trust Sewster, we know each other well and we understand each other perfectly. And our relationship is backed-up by a well thought-out commercial framework. We discuss the nature of the support we need and a business proposal is drawn up to turn our roadmap into a reality, all for a justified price. We don’t talk much about this aspect, but it is important.”


Atypical pathways, unique skills and complementary profiles to serve one goal:
to accompany you as close as possible to your needs.

Emmanuel Guihard C- suite Advisor / Co-Founder

His Journey

• Worked for 15 years at Accenture in the Talent & Organization Consulting practice
• Managed the consulting activities of Aon Hewitt (leadership, organisation design, employee hiring, salaries)
• Continued his career as Partner in charge of Leadership activities at Executive Search firm Heidrick & Struggles
• Co-founded Sewster in 2014

Ready to

• Support you in your company’s transformation (culture, vision, strategy) through approaches that focus on systems, agility and practical methods
• Develop your executive and management committees into high strategic value teams
• Co-construct development programs with you for your senior executives and high-potential employees while maintaining your company's strategy
• Support your key assets in their career development, through coaching and consulting

Benoît Auger  C- suite Advisor / Co-Founder

His journey

• Studied biology before continuing his studies at Kedge (2000) and obtaining an Exec Master ESCP (2009)
• Worked at Accenture for 10 years in Change Management and Journey Management
• Took on responsibility for France Leadership activities at Aon Hewitt
• Joined Heidrick & Struggles as Principal of the Leadership practice
• In 2011 created the Leadership Experience module for the Kedge Business School Exec MBA, which he leads each year
• Since 2011, he has trained in executive coaching, systemic coaching and neurocognitive approaches
• Co-founded Sewster in 2014

Ready to

• Support your High Strategic Value teams
• Co-construct and organise new generation immersive programmes
• Work alongside you in your successful transformation in France and abroad

CAMILLE MEYER-LEOTARD Chief Coaching Officer

Her Journey

• Trained in the Management of Cultural Institutions (DESS) and Contemporary History (DEA)
• Directed ARTE Editions for 8 years
• Created her own publishing company and worked on numerous corporate publications (JC-Decaux, RATP, Rothschild Bank, etc.)
• Co-founded the communication agency Present Perfect
• Certified in Coaching at Transformance Paris C&T
• Has advised coaches and consultants, including the pioneer of Coaching in France, Vincent Lenhardt, in their editorial strategies
• Joined Sewster in 2018

Ready to

• Unleash the collective intelligence of your organisations
• Design and facilitate learning and creative experiences
• Support your leaders and boost their communications
• Energise and align your management teams

Matthew Anderson Chief Innovation Officer

His Journey

• British Army officer - veteran of the Iraq war, head of training at a British Army leadership college, and Captain of the Royal Guard for Her Majesty The Queen
• Special advisor to governments on strategy and transformation issues (United Kingdom, Scotland, Dubai and Sri Lanka)
• Founder technology start-up providing high-tech products in the oil sector
• Advised senior leaders of more than 150 companies in six industry sectors
• Taught leadership and strategy in Executive MBAs across the globe
• Holds a PhD in Management Science of Organisational Leadership Development
• Adjunct Professor of Distruptive Leadership at KEDGE Business School in Paris, Visiting Fellow at University of Aberdeen, Queens University Belfast, and Centre for Army Leadership, Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, UK

Ready to

• Apply mission-focused (military) and best-practice (academic) expertise to support your management teams in their transformation journey
• Apply the latest leadership and strategy innovations in the field
• Work on strategies to make them desirable and truly actionable

Laurent Gontard Chief People & Transformation Officer 

His Journey

• Worked in HR for 18 years, including 12 years in Canada and Central & Eastern Europe.
• Trained in Coaching in Canada, where he worked with top athletes on their mental preparation.
• Created and managed the 1st talent management coaching and consulting structure in Romania for 4 years.
• Led People & Change advisory activities for KPMG Central & Eastern Europe
• Managed the consulting activity in France and abroad of PerfomanSe, a major European player in skills assessment and development solutions, over 5 years.
• Joined Sewster in 2019

Ready to

• Help you make the right HR decisions - recruitment, talent identification, high potential detection.
• Develop a management culture in your organisation in line with the key skills of the 21st century manager.
• Support your employees in their career development - skills assessment, assistance with internal restructuring.
• Help your teams (management committee, functional teams, project teams) become more efficient in a results-focused manner.

Marion GIBOZ Chief Talent Officer

Her Journey

• A trained psychologist (Psychoprat - 2004) and graduate of the ESSEC Master in Management - Grande Ecole (2007)
• Joined AON Hewitt’s Talent & Leadership Practice - 8 years in France and abroad
• Has held HR Business Partner posts in various companies (Nexity, Société Générale, La Banque Postale)
• In charge of talent development as Senior Talent Manager at Sodexo
• Joined Sewster in 2017

Ready to

• Design and deploy methods for evaluating your potential
• Create and lead programmes to support your Talents
• Co-construct leadership models and work on their implementation (recruitment, evaluation, mobility)

MARIE DANGUY Program Experience Lead 

Her Journey

• Trained in psychology (Master 1 in Psychology)
• Specialised in Change Management (Master 2 in HR, specialising in Change Management)
• Began her career at Société Générale as HR Project Manager
• Continued in Société Générale's international retail banking business
• Worked at Korn Ferry on the implementation of a Luxe International project
• Joined Sewster in 2017

Ready to

• Support your team members in their self-awareness - 360° tests, psychometric questionnaire debriefs, individual interviews.
• Conduct studies on your HR issues - analyses, recommendations and reports
• Design and manage large-scale leadership support programs in France and abroad

Romain Gérard Data Experience Lead  

His Journey

• Studied at Audencia Business School (Class of 2015)
• Participated in two university exchanges - Metropolia University in Helsinki (Finland) and Boston University (USA)
• Completed two internships at Accenture (ErDF in the Management Consulting department and Christian Dior Couture in the Strategy department)
• Discovered Hong Kong through an internship in a start-up
• Joined Sewster in 2015 upon graduation

Ready to

• Make your data speak for itself and become a real decision-making tool
• Align data usage and strategic planning
• Respond to your business or HR issues through the intelligent use of data
• Organise your workshops by using Design Thinking methodologies

ANNELISE CHEVES Office manager

Her Journey

• Grew up in an international environment over four continents
• Started her career in hospitality in the Accor group
• Joined the reception team at Hôtel Brebant and participated in its transformation into Holiday Inn Grand Boulevard
• Became Deputy Director of Le Chat Noir hotel in Paris
• Set herself a new challenge by joining Sewster in 2019

Ready to

• Simplify and facilitate exchanges
• Ensure the smooth roll-out of your projects
• Manage and consolidate project data
• Organise your events, seminars and leadership programs


A real ecosystem of French and international partners who are top in their fields,
opening up a world of possibilities.

Key figures


75 % France

25 % International


Managers supported




management teams supported


hours of coaching

98% of our customers recommend us

78% of clients sign up for another project

23% new clients every year


countries which we operate in

30 books, 120 leadership articles analysed in 2018


seminars and conventions held every year


360° debriefs performed

More than


projects completed


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